Why Depression Should Be Treated Comprehensively


There is an ongoing debate on what attitude you should have towards depression. Some consider that those with depression should get medical treatment, while others dismiss them as mere whiners. Probably the reason lies in the fact that we use the word depression way too often for it to be taken seriously. Having suffered from a heartbreak men gets depressed and think there is no point to look for women for relationship. The same goes for women, but that’s rarely a medical condition. A few visits to your shrink and you will lose your negative perspective.

However, if your low mood is lasting for weeks, if you find it difficult to make decisions and if you can’t find any enjoyment of life, it is time to worry. If you, aside from that, you feel that you are less active than usual, have unexplained aches and find it difficult to fall asleep in the night, you may be experiencing a clinical depression, which requires a comprehensive treatment.

Pre-Treatment Tips


Unfortunately, depression is not something that can be cured quickly. You cannot take a pill which will make it go away. That’s why you need to be prepared that treating your depression is going to be a long way to go. So, you need to get prepared for it.

Determine Your Type of Depression

The very first step is to determine the type of depression that you have. Here you need to have a clear perspective. It is quite easy to start believing that you have all the symptoms that you can find online, and there is no point in adding cyberchondria to your depression. The combination of symptoms that you have, may help you figure out the level of severity of your depression.

Find the Possible Reasons of Depression

The second thing you need to do is to figure out the reasons behind your depression. Is it exhaustion? Is it a medical condition? It can be hard to do it on your own, that’s why it is highly recommended to seek professional advice on this case. Thus consulting your psychotherapist regarding the issue would be the best option.

Commit to the Treatment

As was already mentioned, the treatment of depression requires time. It also requires commitment, thus you need to be ready to devote yourself to the treatment and follow all the rules of it, no matter whether you find it uncomfortable or not.


Comprehensive Depression Treatment Tips

The main problem with depression treatment is that people prefer focusing on only one way of curing the condition. In certain cases it can be helpful, but focusing, let’s say, solely on medication is not the best option. If you are suffering severe depression, you require a complex treatment. We offer you to check out the main tips for comprehensive depression treatment.

Take Medication

The medication will help you to get rid of the symptoms, but that doesn’t mean that the depression has gone. It designed to work in the short-term, as using is in a long term may lead to the medication failing to provide the desired effect, as well as your addiction to it. Thus, you should use medication as a starter of your treatment, which will help you to get rid of the manifestations of your depression. But to get rid of the depression per se, you need to make other steps as well.

Physical Training

Physical training can be extremely useful in treating your depression. Aside from providing your body with enough endorphins that make you feel better physically, regular exercises trigger the growth of brain cells the same way that antidepressants do. And you don’t have to train like you are preparing to run a marathon or something, as even a 30 minutes walk will help. Although, participating in a marathon can help you with the next step in your depression treatment.


Social support is one of the most important aspects of depression treatment. Quite often, when suffering from depression, you may experience a complete lack of interest in communicating with people. As a result, you lock yourself up alone with your haunting thoughts. You need to communicate with your friends and family on a regular basis. Another option is joining some classes or volunteering. If you prepare for participating in a marathon, you will definitely meet new people to communicate with.

Eating Well

You need to change your diet. Concentrate on eating small portions of healthy food several times a day. This will help to keep your energy, as well as reducing the risk of mood swings. Don’t fall for mood-boosters like sugary food. Focus on carbohydrates instead.

Healthy Sleep

The origin of mood swings, irritation, exhaustion, sadness, and fatigue – all of which may lead to depression – is the lack of sleep. While your schedule may require you to sleep less than seven hours a day, change your habits, so you will get your sleep to the norm. You won’t last long on four hours of sleep every day.

Reduce Stress

Last but not least, is reducing your stress. It is not easy to change your work or leave a relationship that causes you to stress, but you can change your attitude towards them, which will help you to reduce their impact.