Thailand Shake Hand with Japan for Robotics

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According to the recent speculations, Thailand and Japan will work togetherly for robotics development with the intended to produce at least 1,400 people skilled in the field within three years.

For this agreement, the association consists of the Technology Promotion Association, the Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society, the Japan External Trade Organization, Bangkok, and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and Industry Ministry.

The industry minister, Uttama Savanayana stated that the association hopes to draw up an action plan for robotics and system integration over the next couple of days.

Uttama Savanayana said, “The government is very keen to promote and support the usage of robotics and SI, and we are confident that these systems can improve our small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.”

Around 30 Foreign firms in the robotics and automation systems sector met with the Thai government and expressed their intention to invest in the country after the government began pushing its flagship Eastern Economic Corridor scheme.

According to the founder of the Institute of Field Robotics, Djitt Laowattana said that robotics and the SI sector investment in Thailand is projected to reach 60 billion baht in 2018.

Mr. Djitt said, “That target can be reached, as many foreign firms have expressed their intention to invest in robotics here, including those from China, Japan, and Europe.”