R9B to Launch ORION 2.0 at RSA Conference 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — R9B (root9B, LLC), a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity training, products, and services, announced today it will launch version 2.0 of its HUNT platform, ORION, during RSA Conference 2018.  This version continues to leverage R9B’s real-world, operational expertise while introducing new and improved features to enhance the effectiveness of corporate and government cybersecurity practitioners.

“ORION 2.0 represents a major re-architecture to support increased performance and scalability,” explained R9B Chief Technology Officer Mike Morris. “With it, we are introducing an application programming interface allowing for seamless integration with existing endpoint monitoring and security information and event management software products. And in response to customer demand, ORION 2.0 will feature a new user-friendly dashboard, concurrent workflow management, and customizable analytics.”

ORION is an agentless cybersecurity software suite that provides cybersecurity professionals with agile, remote-access capabilities to perform global network defensive operations and live threat analysis. ORION quickly and accurately identifies network intrusions and provides a comprehensive view of potential security risks at critical nodes. This design enables cybersecurity teams to identify security breaches and pursue advanced persistent threats (APTs) within their networks.

R9B Chief Executive Officer Eric Hipkins said, “Companies continue to stack technology, equating expenditure with level of security while adversaries continue to follow an inevitable adaptation cycle. Security teams must have the requisite tools and approach to recognize the adversary and defeat them. Our release of ORION 2.0 is as much about delivering a world-class set of network defense tools as it is about thinking like the adversary and pursuing threats.”

About R9B

R9B (root9B, LLC) is the leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions, enhancing the way global organizations detect, pursue, isolate and eliminate threats to enterprise infrastructure. As the company that introduced HUNT to commercial markets in 2013, R9B products and services are trusted by both governments and Fortune 500 brands to achieve tangible results. Founded by professionals with backgrounds in the defense, intelligence and commercial communities, R9B delivers expert knowledge, next-generation technology and in-depth training through a security-as-a-service model. For more information, visit www.root9b.com.

Contact: Erika Hipkins 719-534-3994

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