Mercedes-Benz to Reveal its new Mercedes Benz EQC SUV

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The past few years, Mercedes Benz has been revealing new exclusive automobiles. Mercedes Benz to date has been the best and leading car manufacturer company, recently the company revealed of its new prototype which is currently under tests before final production. This new Mercedes Benz model is said to be electric.

According to the chief engineer, the Mercedes Benz EQC SUV will be the bestselling car across the world, looking at the new features included in this new car, no other model in the market can out bit this new Mercedes Benz EQC SUV. As far as tests are concerned, the new Mercedes Benz EQC SUV currently is undergoing multiple tests.

Among this test includes the performance, power and endurance. According to the initial temperature test, the Mercedes Benz EQC SUV prototype registered outstanding result considering the condition under which the test was carried out. The first test carried out was in high temperature regions like the arid and semiarid areas.

The test was carried out in Spain whereby temperatures are above 55 degrees Celsius. According to the operator, this new car Mercedes Benz EQC SUV sustain this hash conditions, more so the performance of the car is still 100% and the batteries also are in perfect condition. This was concluded after the Mercedes Benz EQC SUV was test and the results analysed by the Mercedes Benz experts.

Secondly, the car was taken in Germany for the final test whereby the terrain and the climate condition was much worse. In this test, the prototype was to be tested to determine the endurance of the car in cold and harsh terrain. Surprisingly, under 30 degrees Celsius and harsh terrain, the Mercedes Benz EQC SUV still registered an outstanding result.

The batteries were tested to ascertain that the system can adjust to this condition without blowing off the batteries. Definitely this is the next level car needed for the future. Compared to other automobile, the new Mercedes Benz EQC SUV will be produced and manufactured commercial from early next year.

Nevertheless, the car is equipped with an electric motor attached onto both the rear and the front axle. This is to ensure maximum power transmission throughout the car system. According to the results, the motor produces nearly 300Kw of power. His is the most powerful car ever developed by the Mercedes Benz EQC SUV company. Next year, production will commence and the car will be really available to any person.