How to overcome depression


  • “This is not depression, just ordinary laziness”, “working people don’t have time for depression and stress”, “drink and everything will go away” – with such phrases people usually “finish off” their loved ones who suffer this disease. Yes, it is a disease. After all, doctors believe that depression is a mental disorder that has been encountered by more than 264 million people in the world. Even single gorgeous women looking for a husband online can be among them.

Depression is different from ordinary mood swings and short-term emotional reactions to challenges in everyday life. This is a serious mental condition that can even lead to suicide. And despite the well-known effective treatments for mental disorders, more than 80% of people in low- and middle-income countries do not receive treatment for their disorder. Today we will talk about how to get rid of depression and help others in these terms.

  • What is depression?

Depression is not only a bad mood, causeless gloom and tearfulness. In a patient suffering from depression, the following symptoms appear: feeling disappointed in life, “laziness attacks”, insomnia torments, sexual desire disappears; tiredness and lack of energy do not allow them to cope with the usual household chores.

The patient is in a bleak, depressed state, loses faith in the future, an inexplicable feeling of guilt appears. Appetite disappears, or, on the contrary, there is a need to overeat. Sometimes a patient tries to dissolve the sorrows in alcohol or resort to the use of psychoactive substances that provide temporary relief. Depression is often disguised as a somatic (bodily) disease. In this case, the symptoms of depression can be as follows: a person will complain, first of all, of loss of capacity for work, weakness, weight loss, high blood pressure, heartbeat, pain in the abdomen, joints, back, etc., talk about a bad general health, loss of strength, etc.

In severe cases, suicidal thoughts arise (as a radical solution to all problems and getting rid of mental pain). Such a person urgently needs professional depression help!

  • Main reasons for depression. The causes of depression and the proper treatment can vary. Learning how to cope with depression requires defining them. Depression is usually the sum of biological, psychological, and social factors; rarely, only one specific cause leads to depression. Heredity, conditions of early development and features of human life determine the degree of susceptibility to depression.

-The likelihood of depression increases, for example, in cases of a difficult childhood, when the child is subjected to physical, mental or sexual abuse or is abandoned. Fighting depression of this type takes the longest and the patient needs a professional supervising of a psychotherapist.

-Depression may be the result of any excessively difficult, sad, or complex events. Int this case overcoming depression requires help from the side, especially those of friends and relatives. Never let your dear person overcome mentally destructing events on their own.

-The cause of depression can be a physical illness, such as dementia, thyroid dysfunction, or Parkinson’s disease. In some people, depression can cause side effects after taking certain medications, drugs, and alcohol. The development of depression can also be influenced by hormonal causes or lack of sunlight in winter.

  • Main signs of depression. The symptoms of depression are described below. Based on the severity of symptoms, depression can be classified as mild, moderate, and severe.

Depressed mood

Depressed mood includes despondency, sadness, lethargy, and irritability. The future seems bleak and meaningless. Tearfulness can significantly increase.

Loss of pleasure

Things that used to bring a good mood are no longer satisfactory or not interesting. Joy disappeared from life. To overcome depression sometimes a person just needs to start a new hobby.


Depression causes a loss of initiative, inertia and a feeling of fatigue, it seems that energy is not enough even for small things. Dealing with depression needs the initiative of the person suffering from it, that is why it can be hard for the relatives to watch their dear person in such a state being unable to change anything.

Loss of self-confidence or low self-esteem

Thoughts about one’s own weakness and worthlessness are typical; belief in one’s own success is very weak.

Excessive self-criticism or unreasonable guilt

A person feels guilty and deserving of punishment. Feelings of guilt often arise in relation to such problems that the person is not able to influence or in which they did not even make mistakes.

  • How to overcome depression. In the next paragraph, we consider what to do when depressed and which medical treatments and kinds of psychological help from the outside the person should undergo.

Drug therapy

There are many antidepressants that can be used to influence the biological causes of depression (changes in brain activity, hormonal levels, etc). The officially recommended treatment for depression is based on a combination of drugs and psychotherapy. Sometimes a person suffering from depression can feel so tired that they are not able to participate in psychotherapy or any other analysis of a difficult life situation without medical assistance.


It has been proven that psychotherapy is an effective way to overcome depression. Psychotherapy helps to cure depression, including for the following reasons:

-With the help of psychotherapy, a person can learn to better recognize their thoughts and develop the ability to manage them.

-They can understand why they think in a certain way and how to beat depression.

-There comes an understanding of the causes and circumstances of depression. Thus, it becomes possible to overcome sorrow and difficult situations.

A support group or rehabilitation course

A support group implies a form of work in which people experiencing more or less similar situations or problems share their experiences with each other on how to stop being depressed. The support group is organized on the basis of the principles of equality of members, providing the person with the opportunity to be heard and understood, as well as accepted and supported by the group members.

Overcoming youthful depression

It is facilitated by good relationships with parents and friends. Depression, at least, its diagnosis among girls is more common than among boys. For a depressed teenager or young person, social support is extremely important. Good relationships with friends and parents contribute to the recovery. It was revealed that the majority of young people suffering from depression simultaneously experience any other problems. The most common is drug use, attention and behavior disorders, as well as eating and anxiety disorders. There are effective treatments for all of these problems. And after dealing with them, the patient can proceed to realize how to fight depression.

Seasonal depression

How to get out of the depression that arose due to a certain period of life or nature season? In addition to other treatments, light therapy is recommended, such as lighting with a sufficiently powerful fluorescent lamp. Exercise, especially in the fresh air, also often has a beneficial effect on mood. In addition to sports activities, proper nutrition will also help fight the disorder.

  • Tips for peoples who fall in depression.  It is not always possible for a person to understand how to help depression or even notice that they suffer from it on their own. But as soon as you get diagnosed with it, try to bring about changes and do not be afraid to ask for help. And here are some other things to remember.

Do not stop taking medicine on your own

If the medicine used is effective, it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor from 4 months to a year and even after the symptoms disappear. If treatment is stopped too early, then there is a risk of renewed depression. Treatment should end according to medical instructions, usually by gradually reducing the dose in order to minimize the by-symptoms.

The effect of antidepressants is usually delayed

From drugs, one should not expect a quick change in well-being. The effect of drugs intended for the treatment of depression will not appear from the first day of treatment, but it will increase little by little within 2-8 weeks from the start of treatment. Nevertheless, one should not interrupt the medication, despite the initial impression that they do not help or the fatigue only increases. Of all the symptoms of depression, insomnia usually disappears in the first place, then the mood slowly increases.

Attend a specialist

In some cases of depression, a suitable form of psychotherapy helps to recover better than drugs. If the effect of the prescribed medicine is not observed, the doctor can replace it with another one, change the dose or add another medicine in addition to the one already taken. An ideal treatment usually combines drug therapy and psychotherapy.

Significant progress has been made in the diagnosis and treatment of depression in recent decades. Today, more people agree that this is a real disease and no longer ignore it or blame the people suffering from the condition. To get treatment, a patient with depression sometimes has to be personally active. This is quite problematic because a person can be exhausted, and even a small step toward starting treatment may seem extremely difficult.

But the help and treatment received in time accelerate recovery and prevent matters from getting worse. However, people suffering from depression still often seek help only when they feel that they are no longer able to cope on their own. Do not delay a visit to a doctor, better be aware of the symptoms and immediately deal with them.