Google Pay Support Desktop Browsers and iOS Devices


Google’s payment service that company launched earlier this year, now ready for making its debut on a web browser for iPhone, iPad along with desktop users. The digital wallet platform starting the roll out to the other browsers such as Firefox, Safari.

Moreover, the tech giant added the functionality to sync card details which will allow users to make payment through Google Pay after switching from desktop to another device for easy payments and making it faster than ever before.

Google wrote on the blog, “We’re starting to roll out Google Pay on the web from desktop and iOS which means you’ll start seeing it when you’re shopping on browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome.”

Google play already has Samsung Pay along with Apply Pay as two key competitors and with the latest update, it has expanded in scope. The tech giant hinted the debut of Google Pay on all its products and it has ultimately brought the “Buy with Google Pay” buttons to the Chrome, which means that if someone making payment from Google Pay via Chrome then it will be associated to the Google account.

Product Management Director at Google, Gerardo Capiel said, “If you save a card to Google Pay on your Pixelbook, you’ll be able to use it on the web with another device.”

Google’s latest move will attract users based in different countries it currently operates in.