Good Looking and Homely “Bahus” are Required by Rabri Devi for Her Minister Sons


The former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi is now a day searching good looking and homely bahus for her minister sons named, Tej Pratap Yadav and Tejaswi Pratap Yadav.

On the celebrations of her husband and RJD supremo Lalu Prasad’s 70th birthday, she said that “The girls should be good looking and homely so that they look after family matter inside and outside the home”.

When she was asked about her daughter in laws for her both minister sons she told the reporters that “Yes, we have seen a lot of photographs of eligible girls, but not many of them were to our liking”.

She further added that “I did not show those photographs to my sons as I myself did not like them”. So, when she will like any girl then she will show that picture to her sons otherwise she will reject the girl because her sons gave her the charge to find out their future bride for them.

The former chief minister is having a very much clear state of mind about her daughter in laws for her both minister sons, “Girls frequently cinema halls or malls are ruled out. We are searching for girls who will respect elders like me” said by the Rabri Devi. She wanted pure homely bahus for both of her sons she doesn’t need the common girls she wants the special ones.

Well, one will be surprised to know the remarks of the two ministers for whom the all searching is being in the process. When they were asked about the qualities they wanted in their future bride they reply that the job is best left to the parents and the elders of the family.

The awesome reply by him was that “Our parents will take a decision on what type of bahus they want for us” he said with a shamefaced smile.