Aston Martin development of its new SUV Varekai

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lately, the exclusive high ride manufacturing carmaker Aston Martin went dark. This was after the manufacturing of the last Aston SUV. Since then, Aton Martin went off the grid. Recently, Aston Martin officially announced of its new Aston SUV which runs on V8 and V12 engines. This car is expected to arrive early 2019. According to reports from the manufacturers, the newly developed Aston SUV will be named Varekai.

According to Aston Martin, the DBX SUV was lately previewed in 2015 following the drastic sales in 2015 after the Geneva show. However, the Aston Martin SUV was developed initial 105 years ago. This label since then has been producing exclusive SUVs which are the best car brand all over the world. The Varekai new model of the Aston Martin which is currently at the final development will take the Aston SUV to a new level.

Considering the specification and the high performance of the anticipated SUV. The Varekai will be an addition to the V- models developed by the Aston brand. However, this new development by the Aston Martin brand will compete with the exclusive model from other brands like the Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bentley. This above model is currently the leading car brands with outstanding cars. This new Aston model will really be a competition to this models.

According to the company’s CEO Palmer, the company has taken the initiatives to development and sacrifice of developing an exclusive model SUV which will compete with the existing luxurious cars. Palmer added that the Varekai SUV beauty will be of great competition to the currently selling brands. According to the CEO, the project was initiated to provide the market with new looking and exclusive SUV sports car with all the abilities and luxuries seen in other brands.

According to the car specification, the new Aston SUV varekai will contain four sites and an electrically powered 2-door which will contain lithium – Sulphur cells. The model, however, power within the system will be transmitted by a V8 or V12 engine. In addition, for power and transmission, the SUV will imitate or will be developed with the F1 system still to ensure high speed and sporty characteristics.