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IBM Eyes on Tech to Predict Natural Disasters

New-York based tech company IBM now planning to invest on technologies to predict natural disasters such as cyclones, floods in India. The tech giant has joint with American Red Cross, David Clark Cause, with the United Nations for a global initiative.

Managing Director for India, Karan Bajwa said, “The Indian subcontinent is highly vulnerable to cyclones, droughts, earthquakes and floods, affecting millions of lives and impacting the economy every year.”

Company’s spokesperson said that some disasters in India ay focus on earthquakes, tsunami, cyclone storms, avalanches, landslides. As part of global programme, the company is calling on software developers to create solutions with the help of data, cloud, blockchain platform, artificial intelligence.

Laurent Sauveur, head of external relations, United Nations Human Rights Office said, “Technology can be a powerful force to advance human rights and build more equitable societies.”

According to the sources information, from last two decades approximately 2.5 billion people directly affected by the nature’s fury.

Apart from this thing, IBM is taking the wraps off its Cloud Private for Data. The company promises in the new release to offer a private cloud platform that goes well beyond data warehousing to support advanced data science and data engineering as well.

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