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East Japan Railway Unveils English App

Japan’s major passenger railway company, JR East has come up with new ‘English App’ for its train crews which will help them to provide quick information about disruptions as well as accidents. The latest app containing 4,700 English sentences.

Passenger railway company is officially shortened as JR East and as JR Higashi-Nihon in Japanese. JR East headquarters are in Shibuya, Tokyo, Yoyogi.

The app will use on computers as well as tablets to make announcements to passengers about incidents. These English- language declarations have just started on trains running on part of the JR Joban Line and are being presented from this month on 11 lines in the Tokyo metropolitan zone.

JR East’s Tokyo branch office said the new English app features fixed audio phrases in English including ‘It is expected to take about one hour for service to resume’ and ‘The train is running slowly for the sake of safety’. Apart from this thing, the app automatically displaying a list of possible announcements on the screen of the device. Even, the app approves the affected lines sent from the operation control system.

In the past, the company developed a similar application, but it consists of only 600 fixed English phrases, however, the crew members to select the names of affected lines.

Before two years ago, crew members, as well as other staff members, complained that the app made it troublesome for them to pass on what they needed to state to travelers and that it required investment to form sentences.

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