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Top Executive Emil Michael Leave Uber

The bad news for the Uber is that its senior vice-president Emil Michael has left the company. He is the close friend of the chief executive Travis Kalanick.

The reason behind leaving the company by this man is one recommendation of a report by former U.S attorney general Eric Holder about the company’s culture and practices. But the Uber said that their board had voted universally to adopt all the report’s recommendations. However, its content will not be released until Tuesday.

Previously a bad case happened at the Uber and Mr. Holder was asked to take into account that case in February after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler made claims of sexual harassment.

About leaving the Uber by Emil Michael is told by the workers. If we see the other side then The Financial Times reported that neither Uber nor the vice president Emil Michael would comment on whether he had resigned or been fired.

An analyst at the Monness Crespi Hardt said that Mr. Michael departure reflected Uber needs a “fall guy” and could help protect Mr. Kalanick.

Mr. Cakmak told Bloomberg that “If Kalanick did leave, we think it would be very difficult for him to come back,”

It is the possibility that Mr. Kalanick could be forced to take leave or may be his role be altered. This issue was discussed in a seven-hour board meeting held in Los Angeles, the United States of America on Sunday.

And the latest news is that Mr. Kalanick is on the mourning leave following the death of his mother in a boating accident.

An insider from the Uber said that the recommendations given by Mr. Holder’s report including more control on spending, human resources and other areas where executives like Mr. Kalanick have had an unusual degree of autonomy for a company of Uber’s size.

If we in the past than it is seen that the Mr. Kalanick earns the bad reputation as a leader and was criticized earlier also when he was caught in a video scolding one of the Uber’s driver.

But he said in a response to this video that “I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up”.

Uber board member Arianna Huffington said that “Mr. Kalanick needed to change his leadership style from that of a scrappy entrepreneur to be more like a leader of a major global company”.




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