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Aston Martin To Debut SUV As Lagonda Electric Flagship

A British manufacturer of luxury sports cars, Aston Martin planning to launch a luxurious SUV under the Lagonda marque by 2021 with the autonomous and electric Lagonda Vision concept. A British manufacturer said that it will build around near-future technologies.

Lagonda was founded in 1904 and has been acquired by Aston Martin since 1947. From 1958, the company stopped building Lagonda cars. Aston is aiming to become one of the first manufacturers to use new solid-state batteries and intends to offer Level 4 autonomous driving abilities.

CEO at Aston Martin Andy Palmer said, “In reviving one of the most iconic names in motoring we have created a unique opportunity.” Andy Palmer added, “The Lagonda SUV is the first of its kind: a spacious, high-performance 4×4 that successfully reconciles a love of technology, luxury, and style.”

Lagonda’s Electric Flagship concept received a “stunning reaction” and showed reduced-scale concepts of a Lagonda SUV. The Lagonda SUV offers Level 4 autonomous driving but company’s CEO doubts that level of self-driving abilities will be ready by the vehicle’s launch.

Marek Reichman, creative boss at Aston Martin said, “Lagonda is a luxury brand, but it is also one rooted in technology.” Further, he added, “It will be like no other SUV to drive, so its looks have to reflect that new reality and to serve as a pathfinder to a future in which the most desirable and prestigious automobiles still have a place.”

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