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Emmanuel Macron Urges US to Stick with Iran Nuclear Deal

Emmanuel Macron, French President wants to persuade US president, Mr. Trump, to protect Iran nuclear deal also known as JCPOA saying there is no better option. Mr. Trump has exposed to relinquish the deal, which constrains Iran’s atomic program as an end-result of approvals to help unless it is toughened up.

As soon as the French President and his wife arrived at the White House, the Macrons and the Trumps seemed determined to show the world how much they like each other.

Macron said, “Is this agreement perfect and this JCPOA a perfect thing for our relationship with Iran? No. But for nuclear – what do you have? As a better option? I don’t see it.”

Later at the joint press conference that featured another over the top handshake, Macron urged the US president to stay in the Iran nuclear deal while negotiating another deal to limit Iran’s missile program and support for terrorism.

Under the administration of Barack Obama, the Iran nuclear deal was struck between the US, Iran and five other countries. The deal keeps Iran from creating atomic weapons while offering sanctions alleviation to enable the country to partake in international commerce and banking.

Under US law, the president is required to re-establish the waiver on sanctions every 120 days. The last time Trump issued a waiver was in September 2017.

Trump didn’t show his cards, but he did repeat his warning to Iran. Trump said, “I will say if Iran threatens the US in any way, then they will pay price like few countries have ever paid.”

US presidents’ harsh words for Iran stood in stark contrast to his praise for North Korea’s director Kim Jong-un. Over a past year, he called Kim a madman running a cruel regime but now looking ahead to their planned meeting.

Nice words aside, the US president declared he will insist on complete denuclearization.



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