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American Driver Escapes Seconds Before Dangerous Train Collision

The dramatic video of the accidents at railway crossings in Georgia viral on social media which shows the speedy train slamming into a truck. The driver of the truck getting away just moments before that happened. Due to such treacherous accidents, some people might have questioned in their mind how safe America’s railroad crossings are?

Federal railroad officers say that on an average such accident take place three times a day in America. This was in the suburbs north of Atlanta on Monday. The truck appears to be bottomed out, trying to cross the railroad tracks.

The crew member on the train had to be hospitalized. Witnesses say the truck driver got out in time. Train crash witness, Robert Strader said, “When the train struck the truck, it was the biggest as well as loudest boom.” Just two days earlier, it was about to happen again about an hour west of Atlanta but this time it was a tractor-trailer on the tracks.

Last year, 155 people were killed in deadly train collisions, including four who died at a railroad crossing in Mississippi. One of the reporters from Georgia, Steve Osunsami said, “There are more than 1,300 of these accidents at railroad crossings every year, and the calls for change are getting loud.”


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