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Amazon Automated Stores Foray To Chicago, San Francisco

A Seattle-based American electronic commerce giant, Amazon replaced human cashiers as it opened its automated grocery store ‘Amazon Go’ in January. Now, the e-commerce giant rolling out its two more stores in San Francisco and Chicago. Amazons latest move raises the concern about job losses and pictures the future of automation.

For the location of Chicago and San Francisco, the e-commerce giant posted job listings for store managers. Amazon representative stated that Amazon ready for its upcoming Go stores but, yet timetable and other things not finalized yet.

People can easily walk through Amazon Go store, firstly they need scan an Amazon Go app then pick up the items as per the need, however, Amazon charges individuals account and sends a receipt when the person leaving the store. And no checkout line needed.

Amazon uses computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning tools to identify which product a customer put in their cart and accordingly make the right charges. In February, rumors stated that the e-commerce giant plans to expand the stores to six new locations.

Amazon is not only the e-commerce giant or the retailer that uses artificial intelligence. Other retailers are also in the race such as Walmart is also experimenting with automated stores. Apart from Walmart and Amazon, last year McDonald’s also announced plans to replace cashiers with kiosks in 2,500 of its restaurants.

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