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Driverless Hover-Taxis To Take Off In Singapore Next Year

A German aviation firm has said that it is all set to start the test flights of a driverless hover-taxi in Singapore next year. These driverless hover-taxis are the latest innovation in the aviation technologies which offer an escape from Asia’s heavy traffic jams.

The commuters in Asia have to deal with prolonged gridlock every day motivating the aviation technology inventors to come up with new ways to avoid the snarl-ups. The city-state of Singapore does not suffer major traffic problems but it is taken as the best place to start the test rides due to its compact size and openness to innovation.

German firm Volocopter said on Tuesday that it will conduct the test flights of driverless hover-taxi in Singapore in the second half of next year with the support of the government.

The people on social media showed excitement on hearing the news. A twitter user tweeted that it was exciting.

Volocopter’s electric air taxis resemble to a helicopter. They take off and land vertically. These taxis are designed on the basis of drone technology and possess the ability to fly two people for around 30 kilometres (19 miles).

Earlier, the German firm did a public demonstration in Dubai last year. That two seater air taxi included emergency parachutes and nine independent battery systems. That taxi was able to fly for 30 minutes at a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

“The Volecopter is designed specifically for inner-city missions,” Volocopter said in a statement.

The statement also added that the velecopter can withstand minor turbulence around skyscrapers ensuring smooth rides.

A pilot can control the Volecopter using a joystick, or remotely from the ground.

Volocopter also aims to set up a product design and engineering centre in Singapore to support its expansion plans.

The hover-taxis will pair with helicopter-hailing services which are already functional in some cities to beat traffic jams. Though the service is expensive to use but it is hoped that soon the companies will make these hover-taxis affordable for general public.

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