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The Samgyeop-sal Trend

I am one of those who truly have the taste for spicy foods, and so that made me love Korean cuisine. I mean not only that, but the time and effort they put to make those wonderful dishes—that’s what caught me. I have watched series of videos on how some of the traditional Korean dishes are made, and I’m telling you, it can take months of drying, fermentation, etc.

Samgyeop-sal (which means three-layer-flesh) has become famous in the Philippines ever since the breakthrough of Korean Pop music and Drama series. Samgyeopsal-gui means grilled pork belly, and you can also find galbi-gui (grilled beef ribs).

The preparation is pretty simple: you take the thick, fatty slices of meat and grill it on a metal griddle, flip and cut it using tongs and scissors; and then grab some lettuce, put the cooked pork on it, add some sauce, add some vegetable side dish, and wrap it up. You can mix any of the sauce and side dish depending on your preference, and enjoy! It can also be eaten with rice and some noodles.

The most common side dishes for samgyeopsal includes vegetable such as lettuce, perilla leaves, pickled radish, along with dipping sauces such as ssamjang (mixed chili paste and soy bean paste), gireum-jang (sesame oil seasoned with salt and pepper), and yangpa-jangajji (pickeld onions). You can also add kimchi, garlic, onions, and mushrooms.

This is perfect setting for some drinking soju or somaek (cocktail made from a glass of beer and a shot of soju). Even soju comes in different fruit flavors: blueberry, grapefruit, pomegranate, peach, and pineapple.

If you’re planning to have Samgyeop-sal with your family or friends, most of the sauces mentioned are available at your local Korean grocery store and it will be a little bit expensive but definitely worth the try. I’d have to warn you though, most of the sauces are really spicy so you got to be careful with that.

And if you wish to opt out of all the preparation (also because it can be pretty time-consuming), there are a lot of Korean restaurants nearby, and most of them serve buffet-style so you can eat as much as you can at a very reasonable price.

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