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Positive Effects of Olives And Olive Oil On Health

As we all know and believe in this proverb that “Health is wealth” because if we have health we have the most precious wealth of the world and if our health is not good then we are the unfortunate person because all our enjoyment and true happiness are due to good health. So, keep yourself healthy and enjoy the real happiness of life.

There are different products and eatables which gives benefit to our health and olives are one of the products which give a lot of health benefits to us. This natural product has millions of health benefits in it. Olive oil has been renowned and publicized by supporters of the Mediterranean diet.

Yet, little was formerly known about the detailed compounds and biochemical interfaces in the fruit give to its medical and nutritional reimbursements such as weight loss and stoppage of type 2 diabetes.

A research team of Virginia Tech has found out that the olive-derived compound oleuropein gives aid to the body to conceal more insulin, a vital signaling molecule in the body that controls metabolism. This is the same compound which purifies another signaling molecule amylin that over-produces and formulas dangerous aggregates in type 2 diabetes. In these two different ways, oleuropein helps stop the start of the disease.

All the above findings were recently published in the journal “Biochemistry” as a Rapid Report. According to the journal which is earmarked for timely topics of unusual interest.

The lead author, assistant professor of biochemistry in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Fralin Life Sciences Institute affiliate Mr. Bin Xu said: “Our work provides new mechanistic insights into the long-standing question of why olive products can be anti-diabetic. We believe it will not only contribute to the biochemistry of the functions of the olive component oleuropein but also have an impact on the general public to pay more attention to olive products in light of the current diabetes epidemic.”

This study and the findings will improve the knowledge of the people about the health benefits of the olive and olive oil and it will also develop new, low-cost nutraceutical tactics to fight type 2 diabetes and related obesity.

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