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Smartwatch with Blood Oxygen Sensor by Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit has made a new smartwatch and they put it on sale. The new quality in the smartwatch is that third-party developers will be able to release apps and watch face designs and it can be fitted with the device. And the other quality is that it has a sensor which can detect blood oxygen levels.

A new announcement has also announced by Fitbit which is a forthcoming “special edition” and the partner’s sportswear firm Adidas, mirroring the Apple Watch tie-up with Nike.

And until now, Fitbit was ranked the world’s best-selling wearable tech band. But the fresh research from IDC reported in June that its place is overtaken by both Apple in terms of shipments over the first three months of the year and Xiaomi.

The facts and figures which are recently reported by Fitbit itself are, its second quarter sales were 40% low on 2016’s corresponding figure, leading to a $58.2m (£44.9m) net loss for the time.

But the firm is continuously working to prove itself the best brand and the standard version of Ionic priced at £300, which is expensive than Apple’s entry-level smartwatch but less expensive than the Apple Watch Series 2. And Fitbit has started pre-orders but said that until late September shipments will not start.

The new smartwatch by Fitbit marks for the first time a Spo2 sensor and the component estimates the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood. There are some other quality features in this device these including warning of sleep apnoea-a disorder that causes people to briefly stop breathing or takes hallow breaths during rest. Fitbit said that Ionic heart rate trailer is more accurate than in other products.

Some of the other features of this new smartwatch include:

  • water resistance to depths of 50m(164ft)
  • touchless payments via the forthcoming Fitbit Pay facility
  • storage of 2.5 gigabytes, Fitbit says allows 300 songs on board can be stored
  • the battery charge can use for four days, although drops to 10 hours if GPS location data or music playback via Bluetooth is used

Amazing qualities and features this new Ionic smartwatch by Fitbit has. It will be loved by the people.

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