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New Technology App by Uber to Track Riders After The Trip Just Up to Five Minutes

The Uber Technology Inc. started a new app that is used to track riders after the ride just up to five minutes, security chief of Uber told Reuters. And this app is heavily criticized. But the company said that this is their attempt to cover its poor repute for customer privacy.

The new app which reinstates users’ capability to share site data only possible while using the app is probably to be announced on Tuesday and rolled out to Apple Inc iPhone users starting this week. This app is introduced because Uber tries to overwhelm from series of crises culminating in the removal of Chief Executive Travis Kalanick and the other top executives.

Sources also told Reuters that Uber’s new chief executive is now Dara Khosrowshahi, who is the CEO of travel-booking company Expedia Inc.

In an interview with Reuters, Uber’s chief security officer Mr. Joe Sullivan said that the new app of location-tracking is unconnected to executive changes. Joe Sullivan and his team which is about of 500 workers have been working to grumble up consumer confidentiality at Uber. He joined Uber in the year 2015.

Joe Sullivan is the member of the executive leadership team that has been co-running Uber after Kalanick left in June. He said: “We’ve been building through the turmoil and challenges because we already had our mandate.”

The update which is eliminated from this app in last November was the option for the users to bound data collecting to only when the app in use, in its place forcing them to choose between letting Uber always collect location data or never collect it.

About the use of this app Uber said it needed permission to each time collect data to track riders up to five minutes after the ride is completed. The company believes in this concern is that it will help in warranting riders physical safety. The changes in this app face criticism by users and privacy advocates.

Joe said that this app will primarily only be accessible to iPhone users, but Uber aims to bring equivalence to Android users.

He also said that the variations are part of a series of apprises expected in the coming year to advance security, privacy, and transparency at Uber.

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