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EU leaders comments in Austria at an informal summit on the Brexit deal

According to recent reports, early on Thursday, the European Union leaders altogether met in Salzburg, located in Austria. According to reporters who were at the summit, they said that this was an informal summit in which the European Union leaders discuss on matters pertaining Brexit and migration. Among the European leaders present in this informal meeting was French president Emmanuel Macron, in his statement he said that First of all, among all other leaders he was not responsible in creating an Irish government. Second, he added that together, all the European leaders present in this informal meeting have very exclusive principles regarding the integrity and prosperity of existences of a single market and more so elusive and precise agenda regarding the Irish border. According to him, this agenda was precise as from March and henceforth endorsed by 27 members. So, according to the odds, leaders together as one come up with collective and helpful ideas including a precis UK proposal which would preserve the entire backstop within the framework in case of a withdrawal agreement co-existing among the members. He finally said in his closing statement that he has never and will never command speculations. From this he meant he had sufficient work with the actual reality.

Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister who also attended the meeting said that previously he had a perfect meeting together with Prime Minister May and her entire team in accordance to the Brexit deal. He continued to say that time is really running out fast. So since there will be no meeting he proposals for a similar summit to be held in October and November respectively. Ireland nevertheless is a country which obviously wants as much as possible to avoid the “no deal” scenario. The Irish Prime Minister added that at the moment they are trying as much as possible to avoid the no deal Brexit and that at the moment, the government is hiring extra officials and extra staff in putting up IT systems. He continued to say that they are ready for any thing or any kind of deal which will transpire after the Brexit deal ruling. Nevertheless, he added that at the moment, the country is putting effort for the coming weeks to make sure after the summit is over the country will have a deal.

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