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Missing Swedish Journalist Headless Torso Found At Sea

Ms. Kim Wall is the Swedish freelance journalist and she was 30 years old. She was the journalist who had written for the New York Times, Guardian, and South China Morning Post. Before her death, she was busy in studying a feature about the inventor and Nautilus, which he built in the year 2008 with crowd funding.

The sad incident of her death happened on 11th of August. The report of her missing is made by her boyfriend because she was not returned from the trip on Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine, the Nautilus.

Emergency services started searching for her and after 10 days a headless body was found on Monday by a cyclist on the beach near Koge Bay.

And it is clear through a DNA test that this body is of Ms. Kim. The DNA of headless body is matched with the Kim hair brush and tooth brush. On Wednesday, the Danish police confirmed that headless torso which was found in the Baltic Sea matches with the Swedish journalist.

Her last appearance was seen on the 10th of August and she was with the Danish inventor Peter Madsen’s submarine and that submarine sank off Denmark’s eastern coast the next day. Peter was arrested by the police but he said that he did nothing with the Swedish journalist Ms. Kim Wall.

During the initial investigation, Mr. Peter said that he dropped her near the Copenhagen and later he said that an incident happened to her which caused her death and he buried her near the sea.

Her headless body was seen on August 21 by a member of the public. And on the 22nd August Copenhagen police said that the legs and arms had been “deliberately been cut off” from the body.

Danish police found the blood inside the submarine and that blood matches with the blood of Kim.

Her mother Ingrid wrote on the family’s “boundless sorrow” that the remains of her daughter had been found. She said in a statement on Facebook that “During the horrendous day since Kim disappeared, we have received countless examples of how loved and appreciated she was, as a person and as a friend, as well as a professional journalist.”

She further said: “From all corners of the world we have received testimony to how she was able to be a person who made a difference.”

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