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World’s Richest Person Jeff Bezos

The lucky man having the wealth of over $90 billion is Jeff Bezos and he was the richest man in the world on Wednesday.

The other rich persons also have the huge amount of money like the CEO of Amazon had the net worth over $89 billion when the market close on Wednesday and the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates had the net worth over $90 billion, according to Forbes and Bloomberg.

Well, on Wednesday Bezos was not considered as the richest man but the coming days will brighten the future of Bezos, he will hit the world by having more wealth than any of than anyone.

Bezos is the man who started his journey 22 years ago by selling books from his garage. And he is the first man to shunt Bill Gates from his pole in only seven years. And he is the sixth man according to Forbes who grab the title of the “richest person,” in past 30 years.

The success and name of this lucky man Bezos presenting a new face among the wealthiest person list and he is a new kind of billionaire who is incredulous of benevolence and has the gigantic approach in technology, culture, and media. He will be an unambiguous compare to Bill Gates who has topped the list of richest persons for many times and dedicates his wealth and precious time for charity.

The most amazing about Bezos name in the list of wealthiest persons is that for 20 years he has been a billionaire. In the year 1998, for the first time, he came on the Forbes list with net worth of $1.6 billion after Amazon’s IPO. He was on the continuous rise in previous years, in the year 2007 his wealth reached at $4.4 billion, in 2012 rise to $18.4 billion and he came on number 26th.

But the lucky years and the years which give the boost to his name are the past two years. Because in the past two years the stock of the Amazon was on rising and Bezos own 79.9 million shares. So, his net worth rise to $70 billion over past five years and among this amount $45 billion rise was only in the past two years. And possibly in the history, this is the largest wealth-creation upwelling.

He said about his success and name and said: “I took the less safe path to follow my passion and I’m proud of my choice.”



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