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Beware of your strawberries, Australians told

Australians have been warned about the chances of having sewing needles hidden inside the strawberries they buy from the supermarkets. Therefore, they have been advised to cut fresh strawberries before eating them. Several people have found needles in their strawberries recently.

Strawberries with needles have been reported in supermarkets in the states of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

One man was hospitalized after he ate a strawberry with a needle inside whereas a nine years old boy bit into a strawberry but did not swallow.

The supermarkets have removed strawberries of different brands from their shelves.

The contaminated fruit brands which have been removed include Donnybrook strawberries, Berry Obsession, and Berry Licious names.

Health officials have warned people to not buy strawberries.

The needle alert was started by Joshua Gane who wrote in a Facebook post about her 21-year-old friend had suffered “severe abdominal pain”.

“Just being a helpful member of the community and making sure your children don’t have to endure what we have had to experience today. Please make your family and friends aware.” He mentions in the Facebook post.

Just posting this as a warning to anyone that has bought strawberries (Berry Obsessions) from Woolworths recently….

Publiée par Joshua Gane sur Samedi 8 septembre 2018

Queensland health advised people to cut up strawberries until next announcement.

The strawberry industry in Australia is worth A$130m ($94m; £70m) a year and there are concerns that such incidents could have a lasting negative impact on the sales.

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