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In the Year 2022 Toyota Motor Targets to Start Selling Electric Cars

Wow, amazing news for the lovers of the cars because 2022 will bring some amazing innovations in cars. Yes, your favorite Toyota Motor Corp set the target that in the year 2022 they will start selling electric cars. And the quality of those cars will be that they are motorized by an innovative type of battery which will be long-ranged and this battery has a long time also. So it will save your precious time. On Tuesday, the Chunichi Shimbun daily reported this information.

Well, if we look at the available electric cars or vehicles (EVs) they have the range of just 300-400 kilometers (185-250 miles) and the time they need to recharge is 20-30 minutes. And this time is same if using fast chargers. The Japan’s topmost automaker tries to eradicating the two important deficiencies connected with EVs. And this will be done by using all-solid-state batteries, and these batteries can stock extra energy and plus point is that it can recharge more quickly as compared to the lithium ion batteries.

Chunichi Shimbun said that the new built EV would be capable of recharging in just a few minutes. The paper also said that Toyota has the plan to sell the new model in Japan in the year 2022.

There are no comments by the company on the report said by the Toyota spokesman.

Toyota is also planning to start mass-producing EVs also in the country China, it will be the world’s biggest auto market in the year 2019. This model will be on the previous C-HR sport utility vehicle and will use lithium-ion batteries, the most used batteries in most of the EVs nowadays.

The other renowned automakers such as BMW also have the target to develop the all-solid-batteries. And in the next 10 years, they have their eyes on mass production. The safe hand of using these solid-state batteries is that they use solid electrolytes instead of liquid ones and this quality makes them safer than lithium-ion batteries which are currently used by EVs.

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