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Bride does Photo Shoot in a T. rex and the Results are Entertaining

Well, the dinosaur is no more in this world but the T. rex is still alive and are amazing. The dinosaur is very much alive in one Calgary, Alberta woman bedroom. Wow, what an amazing news this is.

Nicole Stein is the lady who wanted to surprise her then fiancé Chris Hall. And she wanted it with boudoir photo shoot. And she put that photo in the album to give him before their wedding which was on 1st of July.

A lady who is the mother of two kids got the idea from called April 2014 Mommies. And one of the mom said that she had never do a photo shoot so sexy unless she wore a costume.

And another mom in this group named Kissy Spicer said she could use an old T Rex costume which her husband bought from last Halloween. And top of it is that Spicer takes the photos as she’s been taking sloppy photos for friends for three years.

All these activities of the women give an idea to the photographers that “Love isn’t extinct with T Rex Engagement shoot.”

A 32-year-old woman named Stein made a plan when her husband Hall who is 30-years-old was away from her on a business trip three months ago. She planned her photo shoot inside their bedroom and taking outmoded bedchamber photos, and this bride then puts on the T Rex costume.

And she said about it that, “It was hilarious. It’s really hard to move around in, Stein recalled. “I am only 5’3” and the costume is almost 7 feet tall when it’s blown up!”

This bride also said that the costume was “extremely hot” and very tuff to maneuver. She said but still, the two-hour photo shoot was really “funny.”

She added “I think we laughed more than we took pictures.”

The bride said since he opened it on his wedding day encircled by his groomsmen, he instantly closed the book for privacy and he never even saw the hilarious T Rex photos until the next day.

She said her now-husband find it funny “He was like, ‘Why did you give me that? You’re crazy!”

Stein remembered, adding that although the expose was “a bit of a flop.” Stein further added, “I’m just happy everyone else was able to enjoy it too.”


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