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Forest fire sends smoke over Berlin making hundreds of people to evacuate

A recent report shows that hundreds of people are being evacuated from their homes after smoke from the forest fire spreads.  At the moment, over 600 firefighters have been fighting with the fire to ensure no spread continues.  According to this reports, the Fighters are using unexploded ammunition to keep off the fire from spreading and editing all the fire in the forest has been sized and stopped from spreading.

However, fighting this fire was difficult considering for long the forest has been used by the Soviet army in their training activities and more so the use of ammunition to stop the fire too is somehow complicated.  According to the firefighters, there is ablaze and it is difficult to see through the forest due to this huge smoke.

It takes courageous people to stop this fire considering the forest still has some ammunition left on the ground. According to reports from the fire station, this is a huge sacrifice these people are undertaking. According to witnesses of the fire, it started as a small burning bush which in several hours had spread to the equivalence of 500 football pitch.  According to Berlin authorities, during summer season Eastern Germany experience forest fires.  Nevertheless, the government and the local authorities advised the Berliner’s to close the windows following the forest fire which was close to the major part of the city.  This advice was spread after the huge smoke moving from the first spread nearly half of the city.

However, since some places wherein accessible like Treuenbrietzen. Helicopters were used to drop water from above to put out the fire in this areas. In addition to this, the authorities said that the fire was at a range of 100 meters from the homestead of some people. The authority reported that more than 540 people had to vacate from their homes and get shelter in emergency houses which were available within the township. More so it was stated that in some areas, the fire was reaching the forest canopy and burnt everything in the original place.

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