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Female Suicide Bombers Hit Back in Mosul; 15 Die in Iraq

The Iraqi forces are on the cusp of full victory in Mosul, sending female suicide bombers to target the soldiers. And the battle for the country’s second-largest city nears its end. According to the latest assaults across Iraq 15 people were killed, it is said by the officials on Monday.

On Monday morning in the Mosul’s Old City neighborhood, the attackers underscore the intense violence. The attackers attack the soldiers when they are fast closing in on the last remaining pocket of militants, the two female suicide bombers attacks and killed one soldier and wounding several others.

And at the camp for the displaced people in Iraq’s western Anbar province, a suicide bomber dressed in a woman’s all covering robe killed 14 on Sunday evening, this is said by the provisional official.

The militant-held territory in Mosul is speedily shrinking, after days of fierce battles. IS now controlling about 0.40 square miles.

This is the latest tactic by the militants to use the suicide bombers. Sgt. Ali Abdullah Hussein told The Associated Press as he returned from the front line. The troops of Sgt. Ali is carrying the body of their slain mate enfolded in a blanket.

Hussein said of the two female bombers that “They appear from the basement (of a building) and they blew themselves up.”

This attack happened in the area of the al-Nuri Mosque which is already destroyed. This was the focus of the Iraqi forces pushes last week.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi professed an end to IS so-called caliphate and promised victory was near after the Iraqi forces retook the landmark al-Nuri mosque.

On Sunday, the suicide bombing in Anbar took place at dusk. This was the time when the authorities were obliging families that had fled from the Islamic State-held town of Qaim in western Iraq, this news is according to the Councilman Taha Abdul- Ghani. 14 dead including a police colonel in this explosion and at least 20 wounded. The death toll has been higher.


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