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Italy bridge collapse and the reason behind the collapse

Recent reports show that the Italy Morandi bridge connecting the Italian city Genoa collapsed. Up to now it had been confirmed that 39 people are dead and several cars drugged together with the collapsed portion. However, there is no clear evidence on or as to why the bridge collapsed but there have been several mooted explanation behind the collapse. According to Structural engineers who had a brief interview with BBC said that this was unclear evidence on why the bridge collapsed so no firm is expected at the moment to make any conclusion or judgements concerning the matter.

However, the Structural engineers said that according to construction simulations and hypothesis, a well constructed bridge should last for a maximum of one hundred years or plus two years. Considering the completion of the Morandi bridge, which was completed and started to operated in 1967. The bridge may have collapsed due to age or other undetermined factors.

Stergios Mitoulis, a bridge design lecturer at the University of Surrey said that the factors behind any malfunction or collapse of a structure may be caused by many factors. Nevertheless, he continued to state that considering the environmental effect and change in climatic factor this would definatly affect the existents and also the durability of a given structure. He said the Italy bridge collapse may be affected environmental changes.

According to him two other factors could have also led to the early deterioration of the bridge. One of the factor is that the bridge was situated in a high industrialized area and the other factor was the proximate of the bridge to the sea. This factors may majorly affect the bridge durability considering the local pollutant from the nearby industries. This pollutants may have accelerated the wearing and tearing mechanism of the bridge leading to its collapse.

Mr Mitoulis stated that according to the collapsed part, it can be seen that the metal rod used in the construction of the bridge have rust. In short he explained by giving  example. He said that if one of your legs is chopped off, you can sustain the load of the chopped leg with the other lag but with time, you will no long be able to sustain and hold onto one leg. Consequently, this happened to the bridge. The rust rods failed and the left rods could no longer sustain the weight so the bridge had to collapse.

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