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London Mayor Reveals to Reduce Dependence on Cars

London Mayor named Sadiq Khan has disclosed a plan that aims to see 80 percent of voyages in the British capital by public transport, walking or cycling. He has an amazing plan to reduce car dependency. The fundamental plan, which he uncovered on Wednesday, aims to reduce car journeys in London by 3 three million every day, this is reported by the Xinhua news agency.

(London Mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan stands between the passengers in the first Night Tube Train in London, England)

This man with astonishing change plan has set a desire to ensure for 70 percent of all Londoners live within 400 meters of a high quality, safe cycle route.

New developments in London also wants the change and they will be designed around a “Healthy Streets” inventiveness to directly use his plan which is to promote walking, cycling, and greater use of public transport.

It is said by the London Mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan that not having a car in London must be the “affordable, safest, and most convenient option for residents of the capital.”

The proposals which are outlined in the first draft of Mr. Sadiq Khan new Transport Strategy, which sets unflinching plans to lessen the capital’s reliance on cars.

The aim of Mr. Khan is to make the Londoners fit and healthy. His key focus to the “Healthy Street Approach” targets to see Londoners doing at least the 20 minutes of active travel each day which will keep them healthy.

He not only gives the plan but he wanted to make that plan successful and in this regard, he is also keeping London’s mobbing charge under review, including the overview of a charging scheme that would see drivers paying for each kilometer they drive.

The London Mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan said about his plan that: “We have ambitions in changing how our city works. While there will be five million additional journeys being made across our transport network by 2041, at the same time we’re setting ourselves a bold target of reducing car journeys by 3 million every day.”

Outclass, plan this man has in his mind to change the London peoples life.




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