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Instagram and Facebook introduces Time management application

According to recent reports from Facebook and Instagram, the two giant social media platforms have introduced new ways of time tracking within their platform. According to the two social platform, the usage of the platform requires time trucking to save time and more so increase productivity among other things.

After multiple of research down by the technical and monitoring staff within the platforms, they discovered that most people spend most of their time on this platform without timing themselves. More so due to untracked time on the platform, usable time has been wasted in unnecessary usage of this platform.

Therefore, after the research, the two platform came up with a new way to assist individual on this platform to track their time and the usage of their time within this social platform. Nevertheless, Facebook previously introduced a way to manage the notifications and ways on limiting the notification received by an individual.

However, this didn’t help the users in managing their time well, hence the purpose of the new introduction of the time management tool. According to Facebook and Instagram, this new time management application will allow the users to set the time they need to spend on either platform. When the time is up the application notifies you so you will be able to manage you time even better.

Are you spending unnecessary time using Facebook and Instagram? Them worry less. The new time management tool has not only brought time management but also has introduced a new way of limiting your child or yourself from spending so much time on this platform. Unlike the dashboard which the two social platform offer in limiting notifications, Facebook has announced the introduction of new tools of deactivating phone notifications.

According to Facebook CEO, these limitations are with positive intentions to people. Facebook CEO said in an interview that this limitation will help people spend their free time constructively, positively and more so in an inspiring way. Nevertheless, Facebook has introduced majority changes within its platform which favors the users. This changes are of great help in providing easy and managed access within the platform.

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