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Start your own Banking Software with Secure Paymentz

Creating a Virtual Bank is very interesting, since every day there are millions of truncations that can benefit you. Imagine having 1000 transactions per day, and making $25 for each wire, like most banks? that you give about $500,000 monthly, that would be almost $6 million per year.

Now do you understand why you should have your own ebanking software? On top of needing it, its also important for your clients, they are going to have more security doing business with you, and more trust, with your new software.

Are there any images of the system, for an example?

Yes, please looks at the images to see how the system is, and please get in contact with us via

chat “ Banking Software ” to be able to start working on your project.

How to start my own Global Currency with Secure Paymentz?

The Secure Paymentz program is an options where you can create your own, and add a value that can compete with other currencies, similarly to bitcoin. This is excellent, because it always you to create your own global currency, like some virtual banks or cryptocurrencies are doing.

This is where we explain how to create your currency:

1 – It is very easy, go to settings and click on “activate currencies”. Afterwards add the money sign and lastly click on Exchange Rates, and add in this information.

2 – Also This system is like a bank, you can add APR %, and receive notifications when your clients make a payment or deposit. There are also the options to do everything manually or automatically with credit cards. We would like to talk more in depth about your project, please enter our website to chat further.


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