To Boost Agricultural Exports India Need to Find Markets


The Commerce secretary of the India Rita Teaotia said on Monday that while India is the seventh largest exporter of the agricultural products globally, but it’s the need of time that India should search new markets for further growth. India has good ranking in the exports of agricultural products so far but the need of time is more than before. So, it’s good for the Indian government to busy their selves in finding new markets to increase their export growth of agricultural goods.

Teaotia further said that Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority (APEDA) of the Ministry of Commerce in connotation with the concerned line ministries is addressing the issues relating to market access.

She said that it is very important to maintain the traceability and liability in value count chain. An Indian official statement told about the Indian goods exports during 2016-17 stood at the $276.28 billion, out of which agricultural exports compromised of $33.38 billion representing 12.08% of the total exports.

Exports of the Food Products which are monitored by the APEDA during the year 2016-17 stood at $16.28 billion representing the agricultural exports $48.77% from the Indian country. The major countries for the Indian agricultural exports are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, and UAE. So agricultural exports are the main stone of the success of the Indian economy.

Ms. Teaotia also asked the organic goods exporters to certify their products as it gives strong help in the attractiveness in the global markets.

So it’s time for India according to the commerce secretary to look up for the new export markets for the agricultural  products globally because this industry is the backbone of any country and if its exports are increased than the export rate will be increased and it will take the country to the world of success and economic growth.


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