James Comey Book Portraits US President to A Mafia Boss


The Former FBI director James Comey who was fired by the US president Donald Trump denounces president in his new book about to be published and likens to a mafia boss. Describing a president to demand at a hastily arranged White House dinner.

James Comey said, “President called me at my desk at lunchtime and asked me was I free for dinner?” Furthermore, he added that at that dinner Trump told him “I need loyalty and I expect loyalty”. In his book, Comey wrote, “The demand was like Sammy the bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony.”

The dinner was arranged just a week after the inauguration and few months Comey was fired from White House by the president. In his book “A Higher Loyalty”, Comey describes emotional calls that he received shortly after John Kelly then-Homeland Security Secretary and now White House Chief of Staff.

Comey says, “Kelly intended to quit in protest because he did not want to work for dishonorable people who treat someone like me in such a manner.” Comey wrote, “I urged Kelly not to do that, arguing that the country needed the principled people around this president. Especially this president.”

Comey said, “This president is unethical, and untethered to the truth and institutional values. His leadership is transactional, ego-driven, and about personal loyalty

The book, a moment smash hit, will be upheld by a media blitz. Accordingly, the Republican party has composed a Trumpian plan to assault “Lyin’ Comey”.


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