Driverless Boats Developed by MIT Researcher


The transportation industry is going through significant disruptive changes globally, however, the key driver behind this change is the emergence of autonomous vehicles. Now, MIT researcher has come up with 3D-printed, driverless boats helping clear up road congestion in waterway-rich cities such as Amsterdam, Venice, Bangkok.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher, Daniela Rus said, “Imagine shifting some of the infrastructure services that usually take place during the day on the road – deliveries, garbage management, waste management – to the middle of the night, on the water, using a fleet of autonomous boats.”

The driverless boats offer high precise control as well as maneuverability and can be built using a low-cost printer. The fleet of self-driving boats that could provide a glimpse into the future of autonomous transportation. Experts also imagine the driverless boats being adapted to perform city services overnight in the future.

Further, Daniela Rus added, “Again, some of the activities that are usually taking place on land, and that cause disturbance in how the city moves, can be done on a temporary basis on the water.”

The driverless boats could also be equipped with environmental sensors to monitor a city’s waters. MIT experts used an efficient predictive-control platform to run their algorithm, which can rapidly determine upcoming actions and increases the algorithm’s speed by two orders of magnitude over similar systems.



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